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There’s no ignoring what’s going on with digital currency (specifically Bitcoin most recently…but there are MANY others worth knowing about!)

You may already be involved in it, or you may just know it exists, but are totally confused by the whole thing.

And because it’s a whole new way of looking at money and the economy, there IS a tremendous learning curve.

I myself have only got my toe in the water, but am clear that this is a pool we all need to be swimming in (in which we need to swim!)

Personally I know just enough, and have had results significant enough, to commit to learning whatever I need to learn.

You may have questions like:

What IS digital currency?

How do I get it?

WHY do I even want it?

Can you really get wealthy with it like we keep hearing?

Is this another “bubble” that’s going to burst?

Well, I want to help begin to demystify it for you – not with my OWN expertise (I don’t have much of that at this point), but with the expertise of folks who are deeply in the game.

There isn’t just ONE way to get involved with digital currency. Some ways can be far riskier than other ways, and honestly there are aspects of this that probably aren’t for the faint of heart at this time in the history of all this.

However, there ARE ways to begin benefitting from this inevitibal change in our money system, and I’m going to be offering a series of broadcasts related to digital currency, and recommending various resources to help you get the information you need to understand what’s happening.

Be clear: I’m NOT giving ADVICE – I’m providing information that you will assess on your own, so that you can be comfortable with any action you decide to take in this area!

I will be sharing exactly what I’M doing (although again – this of COURSE isn’t any kind of investment advice – that is NOT my area), and you will be educated on the basics of digital currency and the timeliness of getting involved with it NOW while we’re still very early in its evolution

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this session:

– What is cryptocurrency and why should you care?

– How to obtain and safely store digital currency.

– A way to grow your digital currency without having to learn about trading and other high-risk methods.

PLUS – Everyone who attends will receive a free copy of “Cryptocurrency 101 – How to Make a Fortune from Digital Currencies.” This is a PRACTICAL “don’t be stupid” guide to a RESPONSIBLE and practical approach to getting involved in digital currency. A MUST READ, and it’s free for all those who attend.

The FIRST of the series will be on THIS TUESDAY EVENING, December 5th, at 6:00 PM…and we will be answering your questions.

Again, this will be a SERIES of broadcasts, as there is much too much information to try to cram into one session, and I do NOT want you feeling overwhelmed – but I DO want you to start seeing what’s POSSIBLE, with just a little bit of information.

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