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Well THIS event sure didn't get shared properly when it went live (by Facebook I mean...)

So if you missed it, never fear. The replay is hot off the presses!
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Network marketing is an amazing model for financial success when you have a true passion for your product, a desire to serve, and an amazing vision. Network marketing organizations tend to be propone...

The Bob Doyle Show shared Bob Doyle's event.

This thing is happening on Saturday. Will you be there? Or will you be watching cartoons?
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The Bob Doyle Show is hosted by……………..duh.

Bob is best known for his work in the film and book “The Secret”, which was something of a phenomenon in the personal development world, among others. It’s kind of a big deal.

But THIS program is not related to The Secret, and the Bob Doyle you see here is quite different that what you might expect.

Bob has been a broadcaster at heart all his – hey…why am I talking about myself in the third person?

Sorry about that.

I’ve been a broadcaster at heart my whole life, and today’s technology allows me to express 30 years of broadcast “mojo” that’s built up over time and is exploding in this mish-mash of who-knows-what that I call the Bob Doyle Show. Other people call it that too.

It’s hard to say what to expect on this show. You just kind of have to check out 1 or 2 broadcasts. Two consecutive shows could be extremely different from each other. Totally depends on my mood that day…and who I have lined up to talk to “via satellite.”

This program currently airs on Facebook Live, Fridays at Noon Pacific and focuses heavily on viewer interaction.


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You will find all previous Periscope and Blab broadcasts, as well as posts to Instagram (follow me at @bobdoyleuke!), and uploads of original music to Soundcloud.

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The Bob Doyle Show – Episode 57 – 14 Upside Down Ponies

Put on your thinking caps...and then immediately take them off. The Bob Doyle Show - Episode 57 - 14 Upside Down Ponies Look, if I told you what I was going to talk about, you'd never why would I do that to myself? Instead, you can assume that nothing but...

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360 Degress of Dancing with Lynn

Sunday afternoons at Fisherman's Wharf in Marina del Rey, CA often brings great live music, and yesterday one of Lynn's friends performed and got the crowd going. There is always a group of amazing seniors who come to these shows and just tear it up dancing! And this...

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Original Music on Soundcloud by Bob Doyle

Please Call Brain Repair – Mine is Broken

Look, we may as well face facts. This is a show that is going to be a hodge podge. Oh sure, I'll talk about ukuleles a bit. You may hear some sea lions. My brain is broken. Popcorn.

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If We’re Not Called Earth, THEN What?

So when the Aliens either land or come out of hiding, what if we find out our planet has a totally DIFFERENT name to literally everyone else in the Solar System? In that situation, what color shirt does one buy? Let's discuss with a pie chart.

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